Lesson from a visit to the Orphanage Media Foundation


The rain suddenly occupied the area Peukan Bada and its surroundings. But, this does not reduce my determination and the volunteers of the House of Youth Volunteers (3R) to come to meet the wonderful children in the Orphanage Kasih Media Foundation (28/3). After a short shelter and tidying up the goods that we have prepared in the 3R Secretariat so as not to be damaged by the raindrops, we continue the journey to the orphanage. My journey and friends broke through the rain not in vain because we were greeted with a warm and happy smile from the faces of the children.

Our first activity in the first orphanage you visit begins with an introduction, ice breaking, a puppet show played by volunteers and writing hopes on a prepared dream catcher. I saw the kids very excited when watching a puppet show with a smile that graced their faces. After the wayang appearance, we asked the children to write their hopes in the future. Furthermore, eating activities with a snack that has been specially made by volunteers and shared photographs are performed as closing activities.

From the beginning to the end of the activity, the children were kept spirited and cheerful like other children in general. They live like a family even without blood ties but they become the animator for each other.

After meeting the amazing children in the orphanage, I felt a lot to be thankful for in this life. My encounter with them made me realize that I was still included in people who were very fortunate because I had the opportunity to live with both parents who loved me, I had time to see a smile and feel the embrace of warmth From fathers and mothers, even though they are now called by the Almighty. Not with some of the children in this orphanage who have not even had the warmth of the parents ' hug because it has been abandoned since birth. Nevertheless, they are still smiling and happy because in the orphanage where they live they complement each other and share their story with each other.

Smiles, hopes, dreams and joys with the children at the Orphanage Media Foundation that look to be a special motivation for us especially for me. Indeed all the ownership of the creatures on Earth is actually a deposit. Ultimately, what God has deposited is the basis of the question of accountability for us. So, don't waste anything we currently have, both children and parents are bonds or statuses that won't change until the end of time.


Written by Darfianti


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