Learning to make cloth dressing in SMK Darul Kamal ACEH Besar

There is seriousness that appears in some students of 27 students who are present in the hall SMK Darul Kamal (16/1). Those who take the majoring in fashion are following a workshop on manufacturing sanitary pads which is the activity of the home Community Sharing Youth Volunteer (3R) which is regularly implemented once a month.


The activity was held since 11.30 which started with the cutting of fabrics according to the pattern of sanitary pads in general. Afterwards, they were directed by Nourica and Nur, who were volunteers to facilitate sewing students using the needles provided. In the end, students are able to complete a cloth dressing for them to take home. Hopefully inspire them to make cloth pads for personal interests because the use of sanitary pads is safer, efficient and environmentally friendly.


The Community Sharing Workshop has been carried out in several times. However, community sharing is open to various themes and target activities. If the 3R best friend there is an idea of activity for Community Sharing 3R or facilitator who wants to share their knowledge in the field that brings benefits, 3R very open.

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