As the dream Guru is in Balingkarang village


Stone, Hole and hot sun in the rain does not go down must always go to the village of Baling Karang, a remote village in Aceh Tamiang Regency. Large trees are not visible along the way. There is only palm and rubber plantations. No wonder the surrounding atmosphere feels hot. The land does not slap good conditions, instead-dry, barren and dusty. Breathe dirty air along the way as if "fine dining" every day, not because of the smoke of the vehicle, precisely the dust that is so thick arises if the vehicle 2 or 4 wheels drove despite the standard speed. However, behind the conditions that I saw, there was a river that became an extraordinary source of life.

The river becomes a place capable of cooling the eyes and soul. In addition, the river in Baling Karang Village is a connecting access to other villages across the river using Getek-a raft of similar transportation that has a roof-which is used daily by residents. The river also as a bathing, washing and fishing. Usually, the river is used as a playground and learning children in the village.

Valuable opportunity to be a teacher writing class

On the riverbank that full of many uses, it becomes a choice of my place to facilitate the children who participated in the Pustaka Kampung Impian program, especially the writing class. It was a delight to learn while enjoying the view of the river directly, even though I was not sure I was able to afford the writing class because earlier I was accustomed to being in the basic reading class to facilitate children aged 6-7.

Alhamdulillah, although now given a trust study with those aged 12-15 years, I realized the feeling of weight when I want to start that is the suggestion. In fact, everything goes according to the portions.

In the end, many interesting things that I can teach from the children of Baling Karang village, let alone about the spirit to learn. Seeing those who have to walk far enough to get to middle school which is opposite the village, go enjoyed maybe not to be late and have to open shoes and socks so as not to get wet when crossing the river using Getek, become Lesson on gratitude. I – even we – have to be more grateful with the ease we have today.

Written by Aziz

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