Kaia, volunteer The Frontiers share about Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Kaia Vereide, a volunteer of The Frontiers.

Kaia Vereide, a volunteer of The Frontiers.

Kaia Vereide, a volunteer of The Frontiers visited The Youth Volunteer House (3R) after his return from Bangladesh. In 3R, Kaia; So he was familiarly called, sharing about the current conditions of the Rohingya refugees at the refugee camp in Bangladesh to all 3R volunteers (7/3).

Kaia began sharing by telling the story of Rohingya refugee origins that are not recognized as citizens in Myanmar. Until finally, they fled and arrived in Bangladesh. In addition, Kaia also showed some recent photographs of the refugee conditions, including the state of their home made of bamboo and vinyl material.

Kaia and several volunteers there carried out several activities, such as visiting refugee houses, playing with children at a school built by a Canadian citizen and developed by a Bangladeshi lecturer and Met several Bangladeshi youths to further maximize the potential of local youth to Rohingya refugees

Sharing Kaia makes us believe that the Rohingya issue is a matter of KEMANUSIAA and encourages us to continue praying and acting something for our brothers, the Rohingya refugees.


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