Behind the excitement of sewing training for young women from 5 villages

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The fun at the secretariat of the Youth Volunteer House (3R) was seen during the sewing class implementation conducted by this social community. Not only because of the sound of sewing machines used alternately by 10 young women from 5 remote villages in Aceh, but also their courage to ask Bu Ita as a facilitator about things, such as how to measure the body , moving the engine and so on. The excitement is one of the many fun things of activities that are part of Youth Camp, part of the Pustaka Kampung Impian program.

Youth Camp is a learning program aimed at young people as a platform for the development of skills. In 2019, this training program was carried out in the form of sewing classes for young women and photography classes for youth in villages. This skill development class is carried out by giving the theory and practice directly guided by the facilitators who are experts in their field.

On 2-10 March 2019 is the schedule of sewing class. The settlers from the village of Bah and Serempah (central Aceh), Balingkarang village (Aceh Tamiang), Lapeng village (Aceh Besar) and the village of Sarah Baru (South Aceh) have gathered at the 3R secretariat since March 2.

The full 10-day process of laughter demonstrates the excitement of learning to sew from moving the machine, creating patterns, cutting fabrics and sewing fabrics to the robe, skirts and hijab.

Bu Ita as the facilitator from South Aceh said that some of the participants did feel difficulties early, let alone many do not know sewing. But, with full patience they can finally as well.

Finally, on 10 March after implementing the City Tour as part of closing the program by visiting several historical places in Aceh and by wearing a robe that was stitched by each participant, they returned to their village

Hopefully the Youth Camp program in particular this sewing training, we as the 3R volunteers hope, the young villagers from the village get a useful sewing ability not only for them, but also around them. In addition, we certainly hope the values of friendship as part of the peace education are embedded in the minds of the 10 young women.

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