#HanbokForBooks, social entrepreneurship to buy books

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-13 at 15.16.46Unlike the usual weekends, Sunday, July 14, 2019 Home Youth Volunteers (3R) launch new activities that are part of social enterprise or social entrepreneurship with the name #HanbokForBooks. This activity is carried out by renting Hanbok clothes that are traditional South Korean clothing, the result of the rental was used as a donation to purchase books and children's study equipment in remote villages in Aceh which is a Program goals.

The day before, preparations for this activity were held at the 3R secretariat by collecting Hanbok, reading books as well as some handicrafts from children of Pustaka Kampung Impian.

That morning, the activities planned will start at 07.00 WIB must be delayed until 09.00 WIB because of the rain that has been in the surrounding Peukan Bada. Nonetheless, the Blang Padang field, which is never deserted by visitors on weekends, is still a strategic place to start promoting these #HanbokForBooks activities. The 3R team began to prepare the read order provided to provide reading support for the community, the clothes of the hanbok rented as well as some works of handicrafts in the struggle.

After everything was neatly arranged and the team was ready to open the stalls, some of the teams took the initiative to travel around the field using Hanbok to introduce the program.

Not long ago, one by one visitor field Blang Padang who began to be interested in reading, using Hanbok and asked several things related to the program 3R. According to my saving, this traditional South Korean outfit is able to lure some people to use it. Not only to pose beautifully with the outfit, the people who came in are also very keen to donate. Not only teenagers, even mothers and married couples also use Hanbok and take pictures together. Other visitors also jazz the read, even one child, who was born to spend five reading books at the same time. Unfortunately, he was very shy when he was invited to meet.

In the future, this activity will be used as a routine monthly event held on Sundays every mid-month. #HanbokForBooks also wait for Expo information yor Other activities that can be used to further promote this social 3R entrepreneurship. Please let us know well!

Written by Nourica Hastuti

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