Illustrated images of Haze impact Source: liputan6.com/citizen6

Illustration of fog impact Asaps
ource: liputan6.com/citizen6

Indonesia, the land that said the lungs of the world is a country that is one of the donors of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Indonesia, a country that is said to live based on Pancasila, is a country whose people do not contribute to the destruction of nature.  Indonesia is a country that "he said" like this.

Still we are living in the shadows of this land in the light of the haze during the day. When walking alone as if this breath stops. The only way to keep this view is to wear three-dimensional glasses pictured "Indonesia is good". This beautiful country is the "Flower of the village" that is from the tip of the hair to the feet.

Dozens of times we see the news in the newspaper, observing our country is not doing well. The fire in Riau did add to the hearts of Mother Earth and repeat the sin of the Unfaerie. This condition seemed to sue people's feelings at the end of despair. The mourning that leads us to a deep disappointment with the performance of the Government in tackling the destruction of the forest is natural. But overburden and expect to continue to them will only add to the wound.

This time it felt sore until the tears were dripping when the children were carried to the hospital because of the tightness. The worsening climate change from day to day accompanied by the singing of the coruptors who performed as representatives of the people graced the television screen. It would not be felt if we were just sitting in the AIR-conditioned room hiding like the officials and estimating who deserves responsibility for this event.

 We need to know together that there are harmful content in haze such as carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3). By the way, forest fires along with haze can trigger various diseases such as respiratory infections, lack of oxygen, severe asthma, and other diseases.

Forest fires release a lot of carbon dioxide that will harm the earth and the creatures living around. This greatly affects human activity on Earth, the whole life will be threatened, the temperature of the heat increases, ice melting, poverty and hunger are not in the world, the need for life will further damage the system of life itself.

For us to get together that thousands of hectares of land are burned and we are still here, the animals are dead and we are still monitoring from the television screen. We are a problem for this country and we will die if it continues this way. All we need is the action until the problem is resolved. Until the point of blood efflux stop, until then we are a true winner for this country.

Written by Kasumah

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