The work of the Kampung Impian Library will be held in late August

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The Kampung Impian Library exhibition is an activity designed to showcase the work of the learning outcomes during the Pustaka Kampung Impian program. This exhibition was held openly at the Aceh Tsunami Museum on 25 and 26 August 2018 involving 12 to 25 children from each village of the district of the library of Impian village namely Lapeng and Rinon village in Aceh Besar Regency, Bah Village and Serempah in Central Aceh Regency and Baling Karang village in Aceh Tamiang district.

Appearances to be exhibited are several performances of traditional arts originating from the respective districts such as Didong from central ACEH, the dance Bines from Aceh Tamiang and Likok Pulo from Aceh Besar. In addition to the traditional performances, there are also several exhibitions of other works that will be exhibited in the form of poetry, books anthology children's Library of Dream village of the first year and several distinctive miniatures of each village made during the placement With children and youth.

This exhibition is addressed to all the general public as a form of appreciation and awareness for the community that many children who have the ability but do not get the opportunity or the container to study. This exhibition is also expected to give birth to a new spirit and self-pride for all children of the library Kampung Impian to continue to develop the talent they possess even though they live in remote areas.

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