Enjoy various wishes in Baling Karang village

Three months ago the name Baling Karang was once the first choice list when asked to fill the name of the village to be visited during the Peace Camp program. A village name that I often hear from the stories of my friends of the dream teachers before. Apart from all the stories, today, I and my dream Master people first time to walk in Baling Karang village. This is the November second month of my pilgrimage as a dream teacher entrusted to play and learn with the children in the village of Baling Karang.


After a few days in this village, undergo various activities with the community, start bathing in the river until enjoy the scenery, apparently the village of Baling Karang presents more beauty than the story I have ever heard. The hospitality of the villagers seemed to me forgetting to be a newcomer to the village, and made me like having a new family here.


Every morning the fog always faithfully envelops the village, so the air in the morning always feels cold to start the activity. But that does not diminish the spirit of the children who will depart to school. Baling Karang Village has only elementary school in their village. As for middle School both SMP and SMA they have to go to the neighboring village district, with the distance is quite far, not to mention with a less good road conditions especially in the rainy season as it is today.


Every morning I always witness the uniqueness of JUNIOR and high school children who want to go to school. If the children of the city usually carry the lesson, here is a little different. Children carry their school shoes while walking. This is because they have to climb the Getek first to cross the river. Getek is the only connective transportation of this village shaped like a modern raft that is in a belt by using a pulley as a tool for the balance of walking across the river flows.


"Why back! Not a school? "I asked a few children who crossed in front of the library.

"Gak Bang, Geteknya Baseball can road flooding," replied one of the children with a brief.


This often happens in the rainy season as it is today, often getek early days can not be run due to the river currents are heavy and overflowing so that the children can not go school. Then for a moment I was silent and imagined, what if it happened to me today, maybe I had long time not going to continue the school again. But what I saw instead, they never felt complaining as if always at peace with the circumstances and conditions of nature.


I was amazed by the children of this village. An extraordinary spirit to gain knowledge even though it has to go through obstacles and limitations. Maybe for some people going through things like this will seem difficult, but not with them. Because they have hope. Hope to reach out to ideals and build his own village, by continuing to learn from any matter.

Written by Muhammad Hatta


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