Increase synergity in assisting victims in central Sulawesi

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The earthquake that occurred on Friday afternoon (28/9) in central Sulawesi caused buildings to be damaged and collapsed. Another impact of the earthquake also triggered a Tsunami wave that struck some points in central Sulawesi with a water height of 1.5-3 meters. Consequently, various infrastructures in the city of Palu, Donggala and surrounding areas even in West Sulawesi were destroyed, including roads, residential residents, places of worship, Shophouse, offices, hospitals, hotels, and other buildings.

In addition to infrastructure damage, the number of victims continues to grow. Recorded until Sunday (30/9) night, the casualty data of has reached 1,203 inhabitants and nearly 17 thousand people lost home and had to evacuate in the emergency barracks. The Data will still increase, because the evacuation process is still continuing.

Various organizations have dropped directly for emergency response in disaster areas, not only from the organisations in Sulawesi and beyond. Of course this is a form of disaster concern in central Sulawesi. Youth Volunteer House (3R) is also the case. As one of the moving communities for Humanity, 3R also conducts fundraising action that will be delivered as an aid to the site. This fundraising action is centered in the home of youth volunteers located in Gampong Lam-Lumpu in Aceh Province in addition, 3R also sent an emergency team that departed on 3 October 2018 to the location of the disaster to help the disaster management in Emergency response period there, in the central region of Indonesia.

The helping hand is still expected by the victims in central Sulawesi. It needs stronger synergity of various parties to ensure that existing help can quickly come and relieve those in need. Moreover, the evacuation process should be faster. On the one hand, the current condition illustrates, many parties who do the looting action that causes help to not reach central Sulawesi.

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