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Records sharing literacy with Ridwan Alimudin, the initiator of Perahu Pustaka.

Sharing literation with Ridwan Alimuddin, the initiator of Perahu Pustaka in Pambusuang, regency of West Sulawesi

Sharing literation with Ridwan Alimuddin, the initiator of Perahu Pustaka in Pambusuang, regency of West Sulawesi

The Video lasted more than 20 minutes as the opening of literacy sharing by Ridwan Alimuddin on Saturday (7/3). Ridwan, so familiarly called; is the initiator of Perahu Pustaka in Pambusuang, West Sulawesi Regency which develops literacy by visiting the islands carrying a variety of books by boat. In addition, Ridwan is also a journalist, writer, photographer and Documenter filmmaker.

After seeing the video, the audiences present in the sharing facilitated by the volunteer House of Youth look increasingly enthusiastic. This is noticeable when a moderator begins to open a question session. Some people directly raise hands. A variety of questions also flows, for example about maintaining the consistency of budsing literacy, how to start opening a library that attracts people to keep reading and writing steps.

Ridwan also told his experience in developing Nusa Pustaka in Pambusuang. In the first year, Ridwan only lets people read books in the library while seeing their interest in reading. Now, they can borrow and record their names in a lending book, even with random names of children. "I also often changed the library form. As now, I add boulder, so that children can also channel their energy through rock climbing activities, "he said.

Related to writing books, Ridwan explained that we should have differentiation or specifications. Like me who likes to research, then my notes become social research, "he's the hang.

Some audiences still look to ask questions. Finally, the sharing plan is only carried out from 14.00-16.00, followed again after an ASR prayer and ended at 17.00.

In his second session presentation, Ridwan also explains how to join the mobile library network, allowing the reading community to get free bookposts each month. Of course, this movement became part of the growing literacy movement that progressively evolved.

In the end, in the process of cultivate literacy movements need a desire that tangible movement, although it starts with a small movement. What is needed next is networking and then maintained with consistency.

Happy to cultivate literacy

Congratulations on maintaining consistency




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