Children's comic works of Bah village

Children's comic works of Bah village

It has been a month since 16 December 2017, a dream library teachers serving in the village of Bah and Serempah in central ACEH. This is the second year they become a teacher of dream libraries.

The Master Library of Dreams is people who are willing to be placed in remote villages to teach for long periods of time. In addition, they become facilitators to develop the creativity of children.

Various programs are carried out with full responsibility, such as writing classes, reading and Extraclass (traditional arts and crafts). From these classes, the teachers of the dream had a lot of interesting experiences and made them even more passionate about teaching children in the interior of ACEH.

One of them is the story of Nanda Rahmat. Currently Nanda is placed in the village of Bah. Nanda teaches in writing classes, Nanda is very excited. Moreover, the ability to write children in the village of Bah is increasing with the presence of Dream library teachers. The ability to draw children there is also getting better. Finally, Nanda took the initiative to direct the children to write sentences into a simple comic.

The result is a simple sentence. For example the following introductory sentence:

"Hi, my name is… "Who is your name?"

There is also a child sentence that falls when playing ball.

"Ouch… I fell sick "

This sudden work is certainly a simple impression. But it has a broad meaning. This work can make a lot of people including Nanda increasingly optimistic that children in the village of Bah can develop the creativity and abilities they have if trained continuously.

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