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Nouricabersama the children of the village of Serempah

Nourica with the village children of Serempah

Anyone can be a source of inspiration to teach us a simple life but infinite creativity. Including from children in remote villages. These are two inspiring children's stories from the village of Serempah and Balingkarang, where the library of Impian village.

In Serempah village, Nourica as one of the dream teachers found the concept of a call library from the imagination of inland children who did not even know about the internet world filled with various digital accounts. This was when he found two children named Salmiah and Ramayana who always came early and went home the most late. That day, Nourica heard unusual conversations between the two. Curious, he finally opened slowly the curtain of the room and noticed the interaction attentively and found that Salmiah and Ramayana are playing a role with a very neat scenario. Call Library, a short drama title that suddenly appeared in the head of Nourica. Salmiah appears to be an officer who is busy tidying up books in the library and then receiving a call from a reader (Ramayana). Ramayana asks for information relating to books that want to he borrowed to details about the latest books. Salmiah explained in detail about the books in the library. Some of the books that Ramayana wants to borrow are listed by phone and the officers will find their books and save them for the Ramayana reader. Later, according to the book agreement will be sent to the reader or reader will take directly in the library. The service is done for free. Such was the conversation that Nourica listened to, without their knowledge.

Another story came from a child who frequently borrowed a book in the library at Balingkarang and took him to the field. The boy was named Khairina. He still sits in Grade 2 elementary school and is one example of some of the children in Balingkarang village who love to read. The day he became the first child to the library to borrow a book. He was often seen walking with his book. Until one morning, the dream teacher who watched Khairina who was preparing for the field with his parents prepared the plastic for the reading book that he borrowed from the library. The teacher of the dream asked "Would you go where the book is?", Khairina replied "would read later in the field Kak, so I prepared a plastic let me not wet if it rains".

Two stories from two different villages where this dream village library implementation became inspiring stories that children in remote villages are also a place with severe natural disaster victims who have a high reading desire. . It also gives an idea that when we have a high spirit to thrive, the road will open up and be a source of inspiration for others. Thank you Salmiah, Ramayana and Khairina, the children of the village who inspire us to thrive even in life that is not easy.

* * *

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