Children from 5 remote villages in ACEH showcase various works at the Tsunami Museum


"I love Kak, because I can look forward to dancing to many people in the Tsunami Museum."

These words are said Syukriah, one of the children of Lapeng village, Pulo Aceh who was very happy after having a chance to show the Ranup Lampuan dance at the Tsunami Museum for 2 days. These feelings of gratitude represent the feelings of other children from the village of Lapeng and Rinon in Pulo Aceh in Kabupaten Aceh Besar; From the village of Bah and Serempah in central Aceh district as well as from Baling Karang village in Aceh Tamiang district which also performed with various traditional art performances on 25-26 August 2018. This valuable opportunity is packaged in the form of the work of the Library of Dream Village organized by the Youth Volunteer House.

In the exhibition, visitors can see the dance art of Ranup Lampuang, Likok Pulo, Didong, and dance Bines. In addition, there is poetry readings from the work of the village children, a variety of workshop (such as wallets and key chains), collection of writings and miniature villages displayed on the table, the results of images pasted in the nets, materials used Arranged in cabinets, children's paintings as well as photographs of activities organized in an interesting

During the two days of the exhibition, it appears that visitors enjoy the various works of the village children who are contained in their impressions in the guestbook. Some write "inspiring," "extraordinary works," as well as other satisfied phrases. In addition, some of the visitors are also interested in knowing the villages that have become a 3R building. Dream teachers and exhibition volunteers stand by briefly explained when visitors see the results of the works shown.

Perdana Romi Saputra, the chairman of the Home Youth volunteer in his speech, explained that the exhibition aims to appreciate children from remote villages in Aceh, because we believe that the children of this world are all capable if given the opportunity .

As The result, the two-day exhibition implementation became evidence that the village's children could appear maximally with a variety of extraordinary works to be demonstrated in the general public even in large cities. Hopefully, the more open-eye the heart and his mind that each child can develop the ability if it gets a chance. In addition, hopefully more and more realize that living in village/Kampong is fun.

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