"Book Reviews" so Community Sharing Agenda in December



As a monthly activity of Rumah Volunteer Youth (3R), Community Sharing was held in December with the Book Review format. 3R volunteers tell about the book he read (7/12)

Fitri, a Dream teacher volunteer tells the content of a novel titled Semiliar Cinta for Bunda. The Novel that tells the story of the family drama also teaches about the importance of honoring parents despite painful wounds. There is also Mila who is a book lover about the content of the novel by Tere Liye titled My Father (not) liar. Reviews of Bad Girl in Pesantren, Assalamualaikum candidates, home, sea storytelling, Happy Little Soul and Khadijah are also infused in Community Sharing.

Community Sharing to discuss books that volunteers read into a good agenda to increase reading interest and encourage people to become more aware of the book. Hopefully in the future, activities like this will be routinely implemented. So, any book suggestions need to be infused?

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Here are 2 novel reviews on Community Sharing 3R.

Reviews of "Bad Girl in Pesantren" by Aziz

In this book it is explained that the repentance and consciousness is different. Conscious is merely aware of some mistakes to his mother. Once Tiffani was aware and felt his mother was very disappointed with an incident, until one time he went back to the Pesantren and who came no longer the mother. It turned out that the mother was gone and she felt so sad that she had not been happy with her mother. The book also teaches readers that harsh children do not need a hard way to soften it.

"Assalamualaikum candidate for Imam" by Darfi

Telling the victim a broken home child named Nafisyah who hated his father deeply. She hated a man but had a friend and loved her best friend but the best friend turned out to love her brother and eventually married. He was also very disappointed to decide to enroll overseas scholarship. The stories finally drove him close to his prayer. Was he finally married to a lecturer? Or should be disappointed again? Please read this book J

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