Arise strong smiles of strengthened children in Salua village


Shout Some kids who say "kak, do not go home, do not go home!" and some residents spoke carefully and thank you to be a farewell word of the day when the Trauma Healing team which is a combined volunteer 3R, SIGi Makassar and The Frontiers will leave Salua village heading back to Makassar.

Although quite short, the enthusiasm of children are very high following the whole series of activities both in the morning and in the afternoon, even in the last day of the activity Trauma Healing.

On the day of the Breakup (7/11), the team distributed a parcel of bags and stationery to 188 children of SD Salua and 12 for KINDERGARTEN children.

The team also has activities to play together and eat nuts porridge with the residents around. In the evening, you will be held watching a film together that many people are waiting for. A screened film was a documentary during the team's activities during the Salua. The smiles and laughter are again evident from the faces of the children when they see him in the film. Until the film ends, the citizens are still reluctant to leave their seats. Until the rain fell and dissolved all the citizens that night.

* * *

While I was in central Sulawesi carrying out activities since emergency response to "trauma healing," the Things I get. Many also lessons that I can and that teaches me to always be grateful in any case.

When I saw the cry of a married couple whose son and mother were taken from the rubble of the house with heavy equipment on the tenth day after the earthquake, heard the story of a father and mother with two of his children who saw his house destroyed by a tsunami and Make them have to run to the mountain and separate with his son and various experiences in the village Salua place where not only the earthquake that destroyed this village, but also a flash flood that every time haunting people's life makes me understand About humans can only continue to pray to the creator and strive for the best.

Thank you Salua, continue to rise strong as the smiles of children are strengthening there.

Written by Ihsan

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