Activities to make cloth dressing in the village of Bah and Serempah

Home Photo volunteer teenagers.One of the extra class of the Dream Village Library is the activity of making natural sanitary pads made of cloth. This cloth is made by the teachers in the library of the Dream Village with mothers and adolescents of the village of Bah and Serempah, central ACEH with the aim of raising awareness of healthy life especially for women.

Dream Library teachers share how to make cloth pads using simple and easy to obtain materials. Also, the way to make it quite easy. During the activity, they appear actively making the cloth sanitary pads.

Cloth dressing is a hazard prevention solution for long-term use of female organs. Of course, excess sanitary pads are many in the appeal of sanitary pads once. Cloth sanitary pads are safer, efficient because they are worn repeatedly, environmentally friendly (reduction of plastic waste), comfortable and anti-irritation.

Hopefully, mothers and teenagers in the village of Bah and the Serempah are increasingly passionate about using the cloth dressing. Not only for the sake of self-interest, but also for the environment.

Home Photo volunteer teenagers.

Home Photo volunteer teenagers.

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