Aceh Peace Camp, a melting pot with village communities

"If the young people who have studied at school and consider themselves too high and smart to melt away with the people who work with hoe and only have simple ideals, then the better education is not given at all."

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This excerpt from Tan Malaka is actually suitable for young people who take education but feel more than others, especially people in the village. Fortunately, amidst individualism, there are still a handful of young people willing to learn about the lives of the people in the villages. They also decided to follow the Aceh Peace Camp 2018.


Although various reasons are presented when filling the application of Aceh Peace Camp 2018 with the theme of Kampungku Sayang, they want to learn to better understand themselves and others, to better see the beauty of the village and the potential in it And to be more beneficial by contributing real. They also participated in the entire ACEH Peace Camp series which started from the Technical Meeting which was held on June 28th, physical orientation at Mount Cut Tu Lopo on June 30-July 1, curriculum orientation on 3-6 July 2018, until placement in 5 villages The remote in ACEH which was started on 7-15 July 2018.


Participants of the ACEH Peace Camp 2018 were enthusiastic and actively participated in various agenda activities. They also easily melt between fellow participants, even if they were initially not familiar with each other. A very good step before they immerse themselves in the village community.


Currently, the participants numbering 35 people were placed in the village of Bah and Serempah in central Aceh District, Balingkarang village in Aceh Tamiang Regency, in Rinon and Lapeng village, Pulo Aceh in Aceh Besar district. There, they will learn a lot from the village community and instill an understanding of the importance of preserving the village or Kampong.

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