A hope at the very end of village district my birth

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-16 at 14.29.16In this second placement, I was given the opportunity and challenge to learn while playing with the children in Baling Karang Village, a village located at the end of Aceh Tamiang Regency and directly adjacent to East Aceh Regency. Just like the previous placement, I facilitated the kids in the class reading further. There are 8 grade 4 students, 5 Grade 3 students and 2 Grade 2 students in this class.

I saw happiness in the village at the very end of this county, the simple happiness they created on their own. I also feel comfortable being here.

A small library that is located at the beginning of entering the village adds happiness to children. That little library of hope for the children to see the outside and the future world. Believe it or not, they are very pleased to have a new book that can be read every day. Their spirit motivated me to continue doing more and more in the future.

There were 13 children in the first week we started the activity. The second week, just starting to grow a few more people. Total children in the advanced class who studied with me were 15 people. Almost all of them can already spell words even smoothly read. Initially, I thought he would be overwhelmed in organizing them in class. Apparently, my worries are exaggerated. The sons of the Vane were very obedient to that which we had katakana; Dream teachers. I asked silently “who is the good man who used to have taught them so that they can become now?”

The advanced conditions I faced in this second placement were more effective and made me comfortable interacting with children.

Some children amazed me with their work. One of them, Nazwa. I often call him Kak Wa. He included an avid child with a very good presence. He has the potential to develop for the better in the day. That time the content that I bring about knowing the ideals. Kak Wa This if writing a diary is always alone to the library or the versatility of writing on the stairs. He does not want his diary to be read by others including me. But I have many reasons to be able to see it. I found a lot of letters left behind, wrong words and the use of capital letters in the middle of the word sentence. Because I had less understanding of Kak Wa’s writings in the meantime I tried to read him in front of me and another friend. From the results of his who, new I know what the intention of his writings.

Almost a month I felt the coldness of the morning fog in this village. The warmth of the learning atmosphere while playing with 15 advanced children. I felt not enough to get to know them deeper. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of learning every day that they show to make themselves want to settle longer and see the process of learning their study at the very end of Aceh Tamiang village.

Thank you for our 25 days together, Nazwa, Reyhan, Rizky, Dimas, Rita, Soleha, Princess, Melani, Fadil, Dewi, Adam, Karina, Sapriadi, Santika and Putra. Thank you for our learning.

By: Purwadi Indra Atmaja

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