79 Rohingya refugees in Bireun please be able to contact the family

12 days already 79 Rohingya refugees are stationed at SKB Bireun. They are still in self-adjusting with the conditions surrounding the 9-day post sailing with wooden ships from Myanmar.


During their stay at the SKB Bireun, several programs were created to replenish their daily lives. For example seen in the afternoon (29/4), the Rohingnya refugees were seen the spirit of playing the ball. Other parts of the field are encouraging the players on the side of the court. There is also an Indonesian language learning program, playing together and Koran.


The refugees continue to obtain adequate food and sufficient health services from various organisations and institutions already in Bireun, such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, Dompet Dhuafa and ACT Aceh.


To date, Rohingya refugees are still awaiting decisions where they will be removed. The thing they want most is to be able to communicate with their families in Malaysia. Moreover, their initial purpose from Myanmar is Malaysia, not to Indonesia. "They wanted to serve their families in Malaysia that they were all right," said one of the Rohingnya when talking to IOM staff from Bangladesh.

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