My Experience in Facilitating Reading Club in Bah Village

Reading Club is a class that is prepared for teenagers at Pustaka Kampung Impian or Dream Village Library (PKIP). This year, the Reading Club used a laptop for the first time. The effort to develop a youth reading club in this village was developed not only to understand reading, but also to introduce basic computer operations.

As my first placement village for this year’s PKIP, Bah and Sempah villages were the first villages where this program was implemented. In Bah village, I was in charge of the Reading Club. This program was well received by Pak Reje (the village head in this place) and the local community, even asking us as 3R volunteers to include village officials as Reading Club participants even though they are not young anymore.

The Reading Club run twice a week, on Fridays and Saturdays. This class is attended by teenagers who have never held a computer/laptop. The class starts with the basics of how to care for and use this laptop and then continues with an introduction to the operation of Microsoft Word. Even though they didn’t have time to study the whole thing, because of our limited time, which was only a month there, they already understood the initial operation of using Microsoft word. They seemed enthusiastic when learning and easily understand what is being taught during class.

In accordance with Pak Reje’s request, the Reading Club was also attended by village officials. What’s interesting about this class is that the village officials are of various ages, some are still young to men who I estimate are around 50 years old. They all seemed very enthusiastic about learning. They discussed and worked together, there was no feeling of inferiority or shame when studying side by side with teenagers in one room.

While accompanying the class, I felt very happy and learned a lot from this program. Learning with children and youth in the village is always fun. Hopefully this program could continue and provided broad benefits to the community in this village.






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