Preparation Until the Implementation of the Exhibition in Bah Village 

 Author: Munt

Dance performance at the exhibition night

The Dream Village Library Work Exhibition is an activity that aims to showcase all children’s works, not only in the form of written works but also all types of works that have been carried out by children while studying with the Dream Teacher. such as literature, art, and performances that are performed by children. The exhibition is no longer a new thing for the people of Bah village, Ketol, Central Aceh. The exhibition is an event that is eagerly awaited by all levels of society, both children who study at the library, their parents, youths, and village officials.

The success of an exhibition certainly cannot be separated from the various preparations that have been arranged as much as possible. Not only the clearance of stage setting and the event rundown. All preparations are very important for the success of the event.

Here, I will share a little story about the preparation of the exhibition in Bah village. Preparations had to be thoroughly observed in advance, we even decided on the theme and stage design when we were still preparing the equipment for our departure to the village while we were at the secretariat of Rumah Relawan Remaja in Peukan Bada. We prepared the theme in advance so that we know all the needs for the exhibition readiness. The theme we chose is “creating something that comes from nature and will return to nature as well”, in other words using materials that are easily available in the village and afterward not become waste. The designs that we prepare are made from bamboo and yellow leaves from young coconut leaves. Not only the stage setting, but we also made a design for the display of the children’s work. all of it is made from bamboo, used wood, tree branches, and leaves. To prepare for all of this, we decide to divide the tasks among team members. Hilma takes part in the preparation of the event, including managing the amount of time-sharing and event rundown. I am in charge of the venue and stage decoration, and Rian is in charge of equipment including lighting and sound system.

The preparation for the exhibition is carried out together by dividing the tasks each week. In the first week, we determine the location of the exhibition, the chosen location was in the soccer field near the mosque because it is easier to draw electricity for the exhibition night. Another option is in the Multipurpose Building because it is safe for unpredictable weather. and also, for this reason, we decide to make the work displays are easily moved. In the first week, we are also succeeding in making a 50cm small work display table from bamboo. The process of making this table was assisted by many local youths.

 local youth collaborate to make the stage

The following weeks also remained full. In the second week, we made bamboo frames to attach children’s writings such as poems and writings. The following week, we focused more on giving final touches to our equipment and performance exercises such as poetry reading, dance, and rhymes performances. I feel that the team’s performance is extraordinary, everyone performs with all their heart and supports each other

During the preparation of the exhibition, we were also greatly assisted by the local community. They also provide suggestions for the sake of the event’s success. Creative ideas are often delivered, they even offer themselves to be involved as a “committee” whenever needed. Village officials are also involved. they give us full support that makes us touched. Even the head village and the Islamic leader offered themselves to train Didong with custom-made lyrics so that it can be performed during the exhibition.

Work Exhibition

The Dream Village Library Work Exhibition was held happily (6/4). The community gathered in a frenzy. Various works of children and their families are beautifully displayed. The performances of Bansu Linge, Pantun, Choir, Story Telling, Rihon Meulambong dance, Didong, and the explanations of children’s work from the Dream Teachers became a display that invited a lot of loud applause. In the end, because the night was filled with rain, the final session of the event which is playing the documentary film about volunteer activity with the locals cannot be played completely. The locals left the exhibition location one by one. but that is not a problem. Because we are happy and grateful for the opportunity to showcase various potentials of Bah village community and at the same time also receiving great support from them.

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