Donation for West Sulawesi


At the beginning of 2020, our country was hit with many trials. Various kinds of disasters in January seem like they are testing our sense of care for others. The earthquake that occurred in Majene Regency, West Sulawesi on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 13:35:49 WIB with a magnitude of 5.9 and a depth of 10 KM, the first earthquake that occurred during the day was located at 2.99 south latitude and 118.89 east longitude with the epicenter on the land with a position 4 kilometers northwest of Majene. The second aftershock occurred on Friday, January 15, 2021 in the morning, precisely at 01:28:17 with a greater strength, namely a magnitude of 6.2 and a depth of 10 kilometers. The second epicenter was on land with a position 6 kilometers northeast of Majene and its location was at 2.98 south latitude and 118.94 east longitude. The earthquake destroyed many buildings and claimed lives.

To this day, our brothers and sisters in West Sulawesi are struggling with great patience. Let’s help them !

We are now opening the donation till 25th January. Further information please see the pamphlet above.






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