Discussion on Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict


Monday (9/10), the volunteers discussed the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This discussion was taken as the theme of the 3R Community Sharing, a routine activity of Peace Volunteer Centre (3R) to develop the skills and knowledge of volunteers on various social issues.

Kasumah (3R volunteer) started the sharing. She explained that the conflict between Armenia-Azerbaijan had occurred since the entire region was still controlled by the Bolsheviks in the 1920s. At that time it was still under the rule of the Russian empire, so that the friction between the two countries was still under control. She continued, in 1988, Armenians and Azerbaijanis married each other but divisions began to appear. Not only was the village divided, the family was also divided.

In 2008-2011, gunfire occurred, the Armenian military accused Azerbaijan of trying to take advantage of the riots that occurred in that country. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan accuses the Armenian government of trying to divert people’s attention from domestic unrest with border affairs. 2010 happened again at each other. In that incident, Azerbaijan accused Armenian troops of opening fire on Azerbaijani positions at a post near the village of Tap Qaraqoyunlu.

The “information sharing” carried out that day was followed by a discussion on the current conditions of the two countries. Apart from that, the discussion continued about the impact of war which was detrimental to many parties and the meaning of peace in everyday life. This activity also opened our minds to discuss the various injustices that occurred in various places.




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