Being A Volunteer in Lapeng Village


written by Andri



My journey this time was in Lapeng village, a village located in Pulo Aceh, one of the westernmost islands in Indonesia. This was the first time for me to set foot in Pulo Aceh. I came as a volunteer or Dream Teacher for Dream Village Library, a program of Peace Volunteer Centre (3R). I was not alone, but there were 3 other friends. Before the placement in Lapeng village, my friends and I were provided with a physical orientation and a curriculum at the 3R secretariat.

Lapeng Village is a village that was hit by the tsunami disaster in 2004 which caused the village to suffer severe damage. Lapeng Village is an isolated village due to inadequate public facilities. To go to Lapeng village, my friends and I had to take a big boat which was the only access to Pulo Aceh. My journey started from the 3R secretariat to Lampulo, where large boats rest for fishing or cargo and passenger boats to Pulo Aceh. When we arrived in Lampulo, we carried our equipment one by one to the boat. Not long after, the boat started to start.

The crossing to Pulo Aceh began which will take approximately 2 hours. While on the trip, I just enjoyed the beauty of the panaroma of the sea and mountains that can be seen from a distance. Not only that, I can also see the buildings of the city of Banda Aceh. The beauty that I stared at along the way made my enthusiasm grow to arrive at Lapeng village. Moments of enthusiasm grew in the middle of the trip, me and the other ship passengers were hit by heavy rain. However, it wasn’t a big deal. My friends and I immediately secured our belongings so as not to get wet. After the rain stopped, the ship was getting closer to Pulo Aceh.

Not long after, my friends and I arrived at the port of Lampuyang. Arriving at Lampuyang, our journey was not over yet. We had to make another sea trip because the bridge to Lapeng village was still under repair. We also transferred all our belongings to a small boat (boat). The boat trip from Lampuyang port to Lapeng village by boat took 15 minutes. Along the way, I again felt amazed to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Then, we arrived at Lapeng. When I arrived, I immediately greeted the people I met. However, because the time was getting late, we rushed to our library in Lapeng Village.

The next day, my friends and I immediately visited several community houses to stay in touch. When we visited, they were so friendly. No wonder, because Dream Village Library has long been established in Lapeng village, namely in 2016

The day to meet the children arrived. We had to go to school first to inform us that the teaching and learning activities would start that day at 2pm. In the afternoon when the scheduled activity time has started. The children came to the library. After the children who came were crowded, the first thing we did was invite the children to read. We also helped children who have difficulty reading and spelling. After reading, what we did next was ice breaking so that the children were more enthusiastic during the learning session. After that, the class division was carried out. I would read with the children further.


During my stay in Lapeng village, I felt a new atmosphere which taught me a lot about new things. I could see children who are so enthusiastic when they come to the library to learn. Not only from children, but the people of Lapeng taught me so much. Starting from how to socialize, cultured, language that is very different from myself and a simple life.


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