Processing Waste into Plant Pots


The presence of disposable diapers (diapers) is the choice of most parents today. Unfortunately, these diapers produce a waste problem that will pollute the environment and in the long run can affect health. In fact, it is adapted from the page of figures inspired by the World Bank 2017 that research results from the World Bank stated that baby diapers are the second largest contributor of waste in the composition of marine waste.

Realizing that, I, who also learned a lot about environmental issues at the Peace Volunteer Centre, chose to use cloth diapers for children. However, there were times when my husband and I had to use disposable diapers for our child, especially if it came out for a long time and a long distance away. Even so, the disposable diapers were not immediately thrown away. My husband processed them into plant pots that looked attractive

The first process was to separate the upholstery and gel from the previously cleaned diapers. Dry the upholstery of the diapers and then dip them in the cement mixture.

The diapers were printed with a bucket or bucket of media (according to the desired shape). Once shaped, the plant pot was dried for further color. The end result, this used diaper waste became an item of economic value and has a useful function


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