Peace From Village, A Note From 2020 Peace Camp


The Aceh Peace Camp 2020 is very different from previous years. Previously, there was an open recruitment of volunteers to participate in the annual activity of Peace Volunteer Centre.

This year, it was eliminated due to the consideration of the pandemic conditions in this country. Even so, the spirit and noble intention to learn and give meaning through this activity were still carried out by only involving 3R volunteers (internal team).

* * *

This time, I was given the opportunity to become the chairwoman of the committee for Aceh Peace Camp 2020. The theme chosen after going through several meetings was Peace from the Village. The choice of this theme was after various experiences of experiencing peace in all the villages where Dream Village Libraries were located, including in Lapeng village which is a remote village in Pulo Breuh.

In addition, it is from the village that we feel that we have learned a lot about mutual respect, mutual cooperation, and strong friendship. During the preparation, we also deepened the discussion that peace is not only with fellow humans, but also with nature. When we destroy nature, it could be nature that will not make peace with us. No doubt, we are seeing more and more floods, landslides and various other disasters which in my opinion are the result of modern human greed.

The results of this discussion are what we have listed in the Peace School curriculum, a daily agenda that is part of the Aceh Peace Camp series.



The curriculum implemented at the Aceh Peace Camp was very useful. Hopefully the children could take lessons from the various educational activities and games that the volunteers have prepared carefully.

All 3R volunteers also learned a lot in this activity. Not only about preparing for activities, but also about managing feelings of peace during activities. Even though some of us end up catching a fever because of the drastic changes in the weather, the activities were running smoothly.

I also felt very happy to see the children so enthusiastic about learning while playing together. Moreover, it had been a long time since the children had studied together and played together because of the closed school conditions.

As the Head of the Committee, I felt happy and grateful for all the collaboration and cooperation of 3R volunteers who have made this joint activity a success. Hopefully the following year, Aceh Peace Camp 2020 activities can be carried out again by involving more people like in previous years.

written by Fitriani







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