How Far Has the Dream Library Virtual Exhibition Preparation Gone?

As we are now in the midst of this chaos-bound Covid-19 pandemic, Pustaka Kampung Impian Exhibition 2020 also grows differently from previous exhibitions. The current exhibition grew out of the physical distancing idea. Holding the foundational purpose as a form of appreciation for the artworks of underprivileged children and also putting physical distancing policy into consideration.

The Virtual Exhibition Preparation has started since early this month.  The process started with dividing volunteers into divisions namely decoration and exhibition, public relations, competition, seminars, and documentation.

The ongoing preparation must be in accordance with the virtual capability of this exhibition. For instance, the public relations division is responsible to promote awareness surrounding this event through advertisement strategy, the competition division is in charge of 3D exhibition so the public could access the VR (Virtual Reality) Exhibition. Likewise, the decoration division has the responsibility to sort out and manage the placement of the artworks in order to make the results better.

Other than to showcase the children’s artworks in virtual space, The Virtual Exhibition will also feature a webinar and several competitions. It is operated under the theme Kampungku Sayang (My Dear Village), thus the competitions and webinar could focus on the village or education in the rural areas. The competitions in this event include photography – targeting a general audience, poem reading, storytelling, and short story submission – that target participant from the age group of 9 to 16 years old. The judges are professionals in related fields. Currently, many have participated in the competitions.

The webinar will be using platforms such as Zoom Meeting and Instagram Live. The activity is a collaboration outcome of Rumah Relawan Remaja and Aceh Documentary. It features speakers with extensive experience and knowledge of education in remote places, namely Billy Mabmbrasar and the Head of Aceh Department of Education. The webinar will be divided into two sessions, the first session takes place on July 4, 2020, and the second one is the day after.

To make the VR exhibition more accessible for the public, the exhibition recordings will be uploaded in Aside from the art collage, every artwork could also be accessed using

Precise advertisement strategies are necessary to play to grab more audiences. With heightened awareness of the exhibition also comes high consciousness regarding 3R ingenious educational practices in remote places. A lot of strategies have been put in motion, not only to gather more participants but also to more appreciations for the children’s artworks that are equally large as the previous exhibition. 

The decoration is also crucial in this virtual exhibition. It is particularly because of the close relationships of decoration, the recordings, and the pictures. The team has to make sure the content is accessible for a long period of time.

That is the preparation update of the PKIP Virtual Exhibition. We are hoping, the children’s artworks could gather appreciations on a wide scale through this exhibition. The exhibition will also serve as a space to educate the public of education in the underprivileged parts that are supposed to be a priority and not an impossible task.

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