Happy Eid Mubarak from 3R Volunteers


The most awaited Eid Mubarak has come. The festivities had been very welcomed by any Muslims and us included, the family of 3R.

We would also want to offer our apologies for all our wrongs in every steps taken whether it was intentionally or otherwise. My wish, after the Ramadan 1441 Hijriah passed by is that we move forward to be better individuals and that our presences become more beneficial to others.

Despite the pandemic, we were also really grateful, that during this Holy Ramadhan, many activities were still taking place namely the series of Ramadan Sharing – Iftar Distribution to the Orphans, Ramadan Bundles for Difable Community and the flood victims in Aceh Tengah, Community Sharing as well as Face Masks Distribution to the Public. Certainly, all was running smoothly due to abundance of supports and prays from the friends of 3R.

Happy Eid Mubarak.

I hope that our lives move toward a better state, our works blessed by the God, and our love is blossoming for every creatures in this mother earth.





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