Ramadhan In the Midst of Pandemic

The await in Ramadhan for us Muslims, on a worldwide scale, is a little different this year. It is impacted by the Corona epidemic that still persists. For us Muslims, each year, Ramadhan has become a very special month, despite how different one might do the religious practice. The festivities, celebrations, and the local traditions have to be put on halt because of the demand from the government to stay home.

According to the Department of Health, until May 13th, 2020, the positive cases have amounted to 14,749 with 3,063 has recovered. The hike is an inevitable case as the number of cases is growing each day. COVID-19 warriors, the medical workers, have never once been tired to attend the cases.

And amid of the pandemic, the fasting sustains a distinct ambiance if put side to side to Ramadhan the previous years. Religious activities such as tarawih and the others must be carried out home to curb the cases from adding up. The traditional breakfasting events slash school reunion is not even on the table. Dining places were instructed to stop the dine-in services, leaving the takeaway services the viable and only options.

Reckoning the words from Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam: “Tha’un (epidemic) is an alert from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, a form of test to its servants. Thereby, if you had caught the wind of a pathogen widespread in a country, then must not you dare to set foot in that place. And if the country of your residence has started to be in the reach of this plague, then must not you run from it”. (HR Bukhari and the Muslims of Usamah bin Zaid). We termed the action physical distancing which we limit our social interaction by opting to stay at home.

But, behind the mask of this ordeal, lies wisdom. With the turning of events, in this Ramadhan, we are now able to invest the majority of our time with our family from pre-dawn meals to breakfasting. Quoting the news from Tirto.id of which reported by Khaleej Times, Wednesday (6/5/2020), WHO Regional Nutritional Advisor, Dr. Ayoub Al Jawaldeh, “Fasting helps regenerate cells in our immune system and lessen the potential to catch virus infection”.

To stay at home doesn’t mean a strain that halts our creativity from blooming. Many things can be done in particular the one that we always put on hold because of our busy routines. Relish each of these Ramadhan moments with our family. And always keep in mind to stay clean and healthy!

I am hoping that us all could stay fit, healthy, and always be under Allah SWT care. Amen.

Written by Yuni Shelma









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