Sugary Saturday with Iftar Distribution in Bustanussalatin City Park


Against the background of Ramadhan, we are having Iftar giveaway by our volunteers included in our agenda. On March 2nd, last Saturday, our volunteers went on preparing everything for the Iftar giveaway in the afternoon. It began with the prepping process then tasks division, and we ended the line of our activities with the packaging stage. We did everything together. Isn’t it beautiful? It certainly is.

Along with storms, heavy rain were striking Peukan Bada. It caused us to move our wood stove to a more enclosed space. Despite the situation, we managed to finish the packages amounted to 300 pieces.

In the afternoon, at 17.30 precisely, the Iftar packages 3R has prepared were finally set to go. Using the rickshaw and a few motorcycles, the volunteers were hitting the road to Bustanussalatin City Park. Once arrived, the volunteers split their way to go to several distribution spots.

“I felt touched with the recipients’ responses.” They thanked and wished us well. Once we were done with the distribution, I was struck with a sudden feeling of exhaustion. But, the main point is, I am happy,” uttered Fitri, when given a comment about Iftar’s distribution.

I hope that the distribution of Iftar and face masks by our volunteers could teach a lot of lessons about sharing.

Written by 3R Administration


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