3R Volunteers Distributed Face Masks


Face masks production has been part of the Rumah Relawan Remaja (3R) COVID-19 disaster response program. It took place in our secretariat in Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar Regency.

On Thursday (9/4), our volunteers distributed the face masks in Peunayong and Aceh market. They were primarily distributed to the parking men and the pedicab drivers.

“I feel both delighted and touched when the recipients thanked me. I could also watch their happy faces. The price range of a face mask was 15.000. For some people, this amount was quite high-priced and they would rather spend it for a meal than a mask. Therefore, the masks distribution activity was really favorable and beneficial for many, Nanda expressed, one of the 3R volunteers. 

The face masks manufacturing is still ongoing now in our secretariat. And by this week, the volunteers will have another masks package to be distributed for the people in need. Aside from masks production and distributing, the volunteers of 3R also arranged other activities as COVID-19 disaster response program. The activities include socialization in regards to COVID-19 prevention efforts, the infographics and several educational videos that are shared throughout our social media.

Translated by Priscillia Sharon






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