Children’s Reading Interest in Sarah Baru Village

Sarah Baru, village without signal

I’ve ever experienced this difficult condition without signals before I got to know the Peace Volunteer Centre (3R). The difference was, I was placed in the interior which is very far from urban areas. Access to travel along rivers, forests and mountains made me think “Could I get through this well?”.

A month without signal and without outside information. A month did not inform parents at home. “Would I I able to live with villagers I did not know yet. Would I be…..? Would I be…….?

Many negative thoughts began to enter at that time. However, I intended from the beginning of the departure “Indra, you could pass this, you were not alone there”.

It was almost full of the 6th month in 3R and in the village. I love doing activities like this. Meeting and discussing with many people could proceed me to be better.

Children’s Reading Interest in Sarah Baru village

While we (dream teachers) were in this village, the children’s interest in reading was arguably very good. Elementary school children in grades 5 and 6 were very enthusiastic about borrowing books, especially if there were new books. For lower class students who could not read them, we continued to direct them to borrow books and reminded their parents to help them understand the contents of the books.

The  children’s way looked after books

We were trying to direct the children to look after books that were lent. Some carry bags to carry books and some used plastic bags. This was very effective to use if it was raining. Sometimes I also saw some children who did not keep their books, from putting books everywhere after borrowing, not carrying plastic bags when it rained, to opening sheets of books that did not match what we said so that the ends of the books become folded.

The Effect of Book for Reading Ability

One moon was the process of learning and teaching in this village. I saw the development of reading was still lacking for some children. However, there were also many children in grade 5 and 6 elementary and middle school had high interest in reading and borrowing books every day.

There was also a grade 2 elementary school student who impressed me. His name is Arif.  Arif is almost fluent in reading and he already knew what the contents of the book. I had read the book several times to children who could not read and Arif was near me. Then, he said “I already know this story, brother In.” Apparently, indeed he was diligent in reading, not only in the library but also at home.

There was also Rital Alfan and 6th grade elementary school children who could already read and their reading interest was also not inferior to junior high school teenagers in Sarah Baru.

This interest in reading could also affect the daily behavior of children in this village. Those who often and liked to read differ greatly in an attitude of respect for others than those who were less interested in reading.

Written by Purwadi Indra Atmaja
















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